Hello world!

I’m working on writing more about the work that I do, and the things that excite me. Thanks for following along.

I’ve been working for 3 months creating a new platform for my online business. Hosting Managed WordPress is something I’ve been doing for my web clients for years, but using a third party hosting provider finally became too much.

I’ve used Hostmonster as my client’s hosting provider for years, and over the course of the last two years their team has shown increasing signs of outsourcing and decreased ability to help with high level hosting issues.

Because of this, I’ve been busy setting up and transferring all of my client sites to new infrastructure. Infrastructure that provides me the access to modify and provide security updates, that large hosting providers often overlook. I’m hoping to launch the platform on January 1st, 2017 after the final round of testing.

For now, the beta site is up, and continuously improving. Check it out, SuccessfullySmall. We host Managed WordPress for small businesses. We take out all of the hassles of operating a WordPress installation so our clients are able to better leverage their sites for their marketing endeavors. After the initial launch we’ll be ramping up additional services such as custom design, marketing, and content optimization. We’ll also be creating tutorial videos and sending a monthly email to help clients better understand WordPress and how they can improve their online marketing by leveraging their website.

More to come in January 2017, have an awesome holiday season!